Main staple is 16% protein rabbit pellets (we use Mana Pro) and lots of water. Feed babies quick oats in a separate ceramic bowl with their pellets to keep their poop solid. If your rabbit is getting fat than you can feed a hay pellet.  We buy our feed from Big R.  Their brands come in the small pellet form.  We also used the brand that Wall-Mart carries and that works fine.  The prices are good at both stores.  

Quick oats, bamboo, pine, willow twigs, cucumber,  greens from the store, cabbage, broccoli, carrots,

Banana, Banana peel, grapes, watermelon, melons, berries, pear, apples (without the seeds) ….

We made up  this list from trying out different foods for our own rabbits.  You can feed alfalfa and timothy hay. Feeding hay is not necessary.  Please do not feed them spring grass.