Colorado Springs Colorado

Phushi Fur is a small rabbitry in Colorado Springs Colorado near Woodman road and Austin Bluffs. Plushi Fur rabbitry is run by me Amy and I get all my emotional support and some heavy lifting from my sweetheart Tom. I have been breeding and caring for animals for 40+( I started very young) and then graduated with an Animal Science degree.

I breed our rabbits for health, personality, fur quality and composition in that order. I acquire champion blood lines as often as I can so your beloved pet has show quality fur and correct breed type.

Maddi's Vienna Marked tortoiseshell Mini Plush Lop

Among all the farm animals my parents raised meat rabbits for our family. I spent my childhood in 4H where my main focus was with register dairy goats. When my children where old enough to start 4H in 2014, I found them a pair of Mini Rexes. I am spoiled now with the velvet Rex fur. My favorite fur. In 2021 I qualified as a Mini Plush Lop breeder. I brought 2 bucks and 2 does to Colorado from Michigan. I love the Mini Plush lop personalities! This breed really is the friendliest and they have that beautiful Rex fur! Our rabbits live in a bunny house that we built for them. They have heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. They have the best watering system straight from the tap. As well as the best food, treats, fresh greens, chew toys, jump ups, cameras, air ionizers, windows and feet protectors.