Maddi is one of our foundation does. She is a broken chinchilla. She is small and has excellent fur. She does not Has the Vianna gene. She had many excellent friendly babies.


Leah is a Vienna marked broken tortoiseshell. Leah is my best buddy.


Bubbles is a VM Broken Blue. Bubbles is Sky’s baby She is small and has great fur. She is the clown in the barn. So funny, sweet, and friendly. She will be ready to breed in March.


Bella is a Broken Black. Bella is Sky’s baby Bubble’s sister. She is just as friendly as her sister. She has the best face with great proportions and a full mussel. She will be ready to breed in March.


Zoey is a Blue-eyed white.

Zoey has a confident dog-like personality. I am planning on retiring her after her next litter.


Shirley is Zoey’s daughter from Crosby. She is a VC harlequin. She is a small normal doe. She is pregnant with her first litter of 6 in this picture.