For competitions, a Mini Rex should have a well-rounded back, with well-developed and filled shoulders, midsection and hindquarters. The head should be well-filled and set on a short neck, with thick ears measuring no more than 3.5 inches. They should have medium-fine bone and rather short legs. Fur should be extremely dense, straight, and upright. It should be smooth and springy, not too soft or silky. Fur must be between 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch long. Any missing toe nails can lead to disqualification of the rabbit.

The Mini Rex is judged 45 points on body, 6 for head, 5 for ears, 35 for fur, 15 for color and 5 for condition, making a total of 100 possible points. There are a four-classes rabbit, which means there are four age groups they can be shown in. There are Senior Bucks (3 – 4.25&lbs, ideal 4lbs over the age of 6 months), Senior Does (3.25 – 4.5lbs, ideal 4.25lbs over the age of 6 months), Junior Bucks (2 – 3.25lbs under 6 months) and Junior Does (2 – 3.75lbs under 6 months). Juniors exceeding maximum weight limits may be shown in higher age classifications. No animal may be shown in a lower age classification than its true age.

Many Mini Rex rabbit shows are either local or national. Some shows are not sponsored by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), but rather by local or state Breeders Associations. Some Mini Rex shows are sanctioned by local show “designators” who set up and organize the event. Rabbits are judged by national judges and the winners are announced at the end of judging. Rabbit shows are divided by class (color, age, and gender) and announced three times; If there are not enough show entries on the table or not enough show up, the class can be canceled. Rabbits can win a “leg” at sanctioned shows, that are noted as a winning, these can be won by having 5 rabbits or more in a class with 3 or more exhibitors. the “legs” can be classified by BIS (best in show) BOB (best of breed) BOS (best opposite sex) BOV (best of variety) BOSV (best opposite sex of variety)


Charley is our double champion Mini Rex Buck posed in a show position.